Diagnostics and Electronics

Here at Eastwood, we offer an expert diagnostics service for cars and vans.

Our diagnostics includes suspension, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), traction control, YAW/DIFF control, engine management, climate control, and DPF. Plus everything else you would expect from a diagnostics service!

Also, we have specialist equipment to deal with Porsche Diagnostics which means we can reset service lights and diagnose faults on your Porsche.

Delphi Diagnostics

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Our Delphi diagnostic system has coverage for more than 60 vehicle manufacturers over 5,400 models and over 82,000 vehicle systems and covers more than 90% of the European Vehicle Parc.

Yuasa Battery Test

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Our Yuasa GS battery tester checks the capacity and general health of your car. This can help us to diagnose problems and save you money.

Porsche Durametric


We are the only garage this side of Exeter that deals in Porsche diagnostics. With our Durametric machine, we can clear codes and diagnose faults others are unable to.