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Quantum ECU Remap Centre for Cornwall

Quantum ECU Remap: Services

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What is an ECU Remap?

An ECU Remap edits the software of your car's computer system to improve both power and torque. 

Is an ECU Remap Safe?

Yes! They are 100% safe for both you and your engine so no need to worry about breaking you car.

How often should I have a remap?

Just once! After we've remapped your vehicle there's no need to get it done again. The benefits will remain for the rest of your cars life! 

Can you Remap all Makes and Models?

We can remap most modern vehicles to improve power and torque. Use the power gain estimator above or call us to find out if we can!

What are the benefits of an ECU remap?

There are two main benefits of an ECU remap. First is improved power and torque which will make your vehicle feel livelier to drive and engine more flexible.

The other main benefit is improved fuel consumption on diesel cars. As the low-end torque is increased, less rpm is required to cruise at the same speed hence improving fuel consumption.


“Had the guys remap my T5 2.5... great job outstanding service"

Guy Cuthbertson

“Greatly improved the performance through the gears of my Jaguar XF"

Bruce Baker

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